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About Meeks

My name is Emiko but some call me Meeks. I am an artist, illustrator and graphic designer, born and raised on the salty shores of Redondo Beach, California. Growing up as a small child, there was never any doubt in my mind that the creative world would be apart of my life forever. Im inspired by absolutely everything, mostly surf culture, anything retro and all music. I feel so drawn to so many things because my first love, the ocean, has shown me how beautiful life is. Like waves, we all go through the motions, but in recent years I have learned to appreciate all aspect in life, good and bad and how to incorporate that into my art. I think art is important, because it shows all walks of life, everything that people go through and how relatable we all are to each other at the end of the day, all over the world. Im inspired by artists who do this, and I want to create pieces that inspire and move others emotionally to want to express themselves in a positive way as well.